Maryland Crabs are the Best!

Just like clockwork, every summer people from near and far head to Maryland’s coast to get their fill of blue crabs.

Summers in Maryland simply are not the same without the sweet taste of maryland crabs. I am speaking of the succulent and sweet blue crab that can only be found in the Chesapeake Bay. “Blue Crab” whose Latin name Callinectes sapidus means “beautiful swimmer.”  There are not many things that get Marylanders more excited than cracking into a bushel of these hard-shelled beauties that are steamed and covered in traditional old bay crab seasoning.

Well, what if you can not make it to maryland to get your cravings satisfied?  No Problem…Harbour House Crabs has you covered!  With steamed to order nationwide delivery of fresh blue crabs we can satisfy even the pick crab lovers cravings.

Steaming is hands down better than steaming crabs.  Just ask any true maryland resident.  When Prepareing hard shells and other seafood by steaming them they will tell you that boiling makes the crabmeat wet, rather than moist the way you want it. Part 0f eating seasoned crabs is licking your finger and drinking your favorite cold beverage.

Maryland Crabs

So What is so great about Maryland Crab Anyway?

Research shows that on average over 50 percent of the United States blue crab harvest comes from water in or near Maryland.

They are a vital part of the area’s culture and rich traditions.

Whenever someone sends in their comments after ordering crabs from Harbour House Crabs one of the first things out of their mouth is “I grew up or spent a lot  of time on the Maryland shores” or “I know my crabs” so for that reason they take great pride in only providing a wonderful and very satisfying experience for their thousands of customers located all over the US.

There is nothing like a good old fashioned crabs feast.  I still remember my first one.  While it is a very good reason.  Eating crabs is about so much more than just the sweet and juicy taste of that sweet succulent meat.  It is also about the experience of taking time out of our busy lives to spend some quality time crackin’ with friends and family.