How to Boil Blue Crabs

When learning how to boil blue crabs, you will find that boiling is very similar to steaming crabs except you will be using a lot more water. Add the crab boil seasoning to the water. Place the live crabs in the seasoned water. If you like your crabs spicy let the live crabs soak in the seasoned water for up to 30 minutes before heating the water. The crabs will absorb the seasoning in this time and will make them spicier. You will need a powerful heat source when cooking a Chesapeake crab because of the greater volume of water that needs to be brought to a boil. Now that you have done all the cooking and preparations for your blue crab, boil for 20-30 minutes until the entire crab shell on top is orange. Remove the boiled crabs from the water as they are now ready to be served.