How to Steam Crabs

Steamed Crab Pot

Steam times will vary depending on the size of the pot used, the number of crabs being steamed and what type of heat source is being used.

There is a reference guide below that shows the approximate times for steaming different amounts of crabs. You will notice as the crabs are getting closer to being done that steam will start to push out from under the lid.

It is recommend that you continue steaming the crabs after the steam has become more apparent for an additional 5 to 20 minutes depending on the amount of crabs. The top shell of the crabs will be a shade of orange when they are completely cooked. If you notice crabs with blue or green splotches on the shell continue cooking until they are completely orange.

When the crabs are completely cooked remove them from the pot and they are now ready to be served. 1 dozen crabs 15 minutes, ½ bushel 20 minutes, 1 bushel 35 minutes.