Blue Crabs can be purchased fairly easy if you are located next to the Chesapeake bay.  There are many crab house or crab shacks that carry the Maryland blue crab.  Most of these establishments will steam the crabs for you or sell them live.  If you are not located near the Chesapeake bay you can purchase live or steamed blue crabs online at www.ilovecrabs.com.


Where to BuyThe first thing you want to decide on is how many crabs to purchase. On average it is recommended to buy 6 large crabs per person or a bushel of crabs for 8-10 people. This amount is just a starting point. Some people can eat a dozen or more blue crabs in one sitting. It is always recommended to order a little more than what you think you need. You can always pick the extra crabs for meat to use in soups, crab cakes, ect. (see recipes)